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Omega-3 Fatty Acid: Richest Foods (per 100g)

Omega 3 is a Polyunsaturated Fat.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Omega 3 Rich Foods
5093%56gflaxseed oil (100g)
2103%23glinseeds (100g)
945%10gwalnut oil (100g)
830%9.1gcanola oil (100g)
825%9.1gwalnuts (100g)
627%6.9gwheat germ oil (100g)
616%6.8gsoybean oil (100g)
615%6.8gcaviar, black and red, granular (100g)
468%5.2gsalted mackerel (100g)
427%4.7gmayonnaise (100g)
283%3.1ghard roe (100g)
248%2.7gfrench salad dressing (100g)
237%2.6gfarmed salmon (100g)
233%2.6gwild salmon (100g)
223%2.5gmackerel filets in white wine (100g)
214%2.4gkippered herring (100g)
209%2.3ganimal fat, mutton tallow (100g)
200%2.2gcooked herring (100g)
197%2.2gsmoked black cod (100g)
193%2.1gcanned red salmon (100g)
192%2.1gblack cod (100g)
191%2.1ganchovy, european, canned with olive oil, drain... (100g)
186%2.1gpacific mackerel (100g)
184%2gred mullet (100g)
182%2glight mayonnaise (100g)
176%1.9gcanned pink salmon (100g)
173%1.9ghomemade french salad dressing (100g)
153%1.7gsardine, pacific, canned in tomato sauce, drain... (100g)
151%1.7gtuna (100g)
133%1.5gsardine, atlantic, canned with oil, drained sol... (100g)
132%1.5gpickled herring (100g)
131%1.4gpink salmon (100g)
129%1.4gred salmon (100g)
127%1.4gmackerel (100g)
127%1.4gsalad dressing (100g)
122%1.3gtrout (100g)
121%1.3gcooked oyster (100g)
121%1.3gbaked turbot (100g)
121%1.3gwild rainbow trout (100g)
117%1.3graw tuna (100g)
113%1.2ggilt-head bream (100g)
112%1.2grainbow trout (100g)
107%1.2gbutter, whipped (100g)
105%1.2gcorn oil (100g)
96%1.1gblack seabream (100g)
95%1gswordfish (100g)
91%1ganimal fat, duck (100g)
91%1ganimal fat, lard (pork) (100g)
90%0.99groasted pecan nuts (100g)
89%0.98gpecan nuts (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Omega 3 Rich Foods
631%6.9glinseeds (30g)
509%5.6gflaxseed oil (10g)
296%3.3gfarmed salmon (125g)
283%3.1ghard roe (100g)
258%2.8gsalted mackerel (55g)
248%2.7gwalnuts (30g)
200%2.2gcooked herring (100g)
192%2.1gblack cod (100g)
151%1.7gtuna (100g)
122%1.3gtrout (100g)
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